2014 Session Descriptions

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September 19

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9:00 a.m.             Local Leader Panel:  Building the New Purpose 1000

Meet two of Utah’s leading 21st century business leaders.  Hear their take on conscious capitalism.  What drives them to make the products they are making?  How do they see their role in the purpose economy?  How can your business collaborate with and support their efforts and how can they help your business grow?
–        Priyanka Bakaya, PK Clean
–        Stephan Jacob, Cotopaxi
–        Autumn Thatcher, Pink Rain PR

10:00                    State Policy Panel:  Responsibilities of 21st Century Business

Two retiring leaders of the State Senate discuss their motivations and implications of creating a new form of business for Utah with a leading scholar on public management.  Can business replace government?  Can business be trusted to seek outcomes aligned with the public interest? Should more laws be changed:  what’s the next step in this new world?
-        Senator John Valentine, Chief Sponsor Utah Benefit Corporation Law
–        Senator Pat Jones, Co-Sponsor Utah Benefit Corporation Law
–        Lina Svedin, Associate Director of the University of Utah MPA program

11:00                    Concurrent Sessions

Collaboration for Sustainability:  Supply, Distribution and Production Partnerships   Room La Sal 1

We all hear that sustainability requires collaboration.  What does that really look like?  Should financial profits be shared with collaborators?  How can collaborators build the social and environmental bottom lines alongside increased financial profits?  How can your business leverage collaboration to build your triple bottom line?
-        Steve Bergstrom, Intermountain Healthcare
–        Chris Sanchez, Le Crossiant Catering
–        Meg McIntyre, Solar Tek Solutions
-        Whitney Williams, Winder Farms

Leading from the Bottom:  Effective Employee Engagement   Room La Sal 2

Much of the hunger for change in business comes from the rank and file.  What are the different ways employees can lead management?  How can employees be encouraged to invest in the longer term development of a business?  What are tools that you can use TODAY in your business?
-        Jordan Larson, Varian
–       Karren Nichols, University of Utah Marriott Library
–       Ashlee Yoder, Salt Lake County
–       Bill Wilson, Sustain3

It All Starts HERE:  Localism as the Foundation for Sustainable Business   Room Uinta

Buying local is not just for individual consumers:  it is for businesses!  Is there a difference in strategy to shift the spending of large versus small business?  Is there more to localism than just buying from down the street?  How do we put community building at the heart of our sustainability strategies?
-       Betsy Burton, King’s English Booksellers
–       Joe Evans, NoBrow Coffee
–      Amy Broekemeier, Pinnacle Performance
–      Kristen Lavalett, Local First Utah

12:00 p.m.           Lunch Keynote:  How Caring for Community Produces Peak Profits

Spencer Cox’s family learned the value of the triple bottom line before it was cool.  How did they discover the value of focusing on community?  What was the difference in performance of their company and competitors in other states?  What lessons can we learn from this experience to craft our pathway to success?
-        Utah Lt. Governor Spencer J. Cox

1:15                      Concurrent Sessions

Make it Smarter:  LEAN principles for sustainable operations   Room La Sal 1

A lot goes into mastering the LEAN mindset.  What can we learn from LEAN that transfers from manufacturing to any type of business?  Is the secret about the numbers, the design or the people? How can you drive sustainability from product creation outward?
–        Ross Robson, Lean Consultant, former Shingo Prize Executive Director
–        Scott Kisling, Kisling Consulting
-        Maureen Harte, HeartePro Consulting

Social Enterprise:   Extending the Economic Ladder   Room La Sal 2

The hottest trends of nonprofits and business are merging.  Is social enterprise a business-like nonprofit or a business with a social mission?  Does it matter what side of the for/non profit line your enterprise stands on?  How can your business help our less fortunate neighbors make strong contributions to the new purpose economy?
-       Rob Ferris, Valley Services
–       Kat Archibald, Degreed
–       Chrisella Herzog, WhiteHat Magazine
–       Stephanie Stettler, Impact Hub Salt Lake

The Bleeding Edge:  Restoring Ecosystems through Buildings  Room Unita

If you look hard, you can see the future of buildings, beyond LEED Platinum.  What will the next generation of buildings do differently?  Will the divide between built and natural be bridged?  How can futuristic thinking about buildings make us better citizens of our ecology?
-       Kenner Kingston, Architectural Nexus
–       David Anderson, Utah State University Botanical Center
–       Tyler Poulson, Salt Lake City

2:30                      Advancing Advocacy:  How Business can Lead Public Policy

Public sustainability policy is more a Swiss cheese than a solid platform in Utah.  Can more attention by paid by policy makers to the triple bottom line?  How can small companies make a difference?  What are the opportunities for progress on key social and environmental issues?
-        Charlie Boas, Black Diamond
–        Gary Thorup, Durham Jones & Pinegar
–        Sarah Wright, Utah Clean Energy
–        Bob Farrington, Strategies 360

3:30                      Closing Panel:  A Winning Strategy for Utah

Today’s sessions have set the table for conscious development of Utah’s purpose economy.  What should businesses be doing to accelerate the positive development of all business?  What other community actors need to be engaged for positive business to blossom?  How should business plans be refined to create the world we want sooner rather than later?
-        Lewis Hower, Sorenson Global Impact Center
–        Dustin Haggett, Impact Hub Salt Lake
–        Vincent Mikolay, Governor’s Office of Economic Development
–        Andrea Barnes, AB Funding Solutions

4:15                      Benefit Corporation Recognition Reception

Meet the pioneers of Utah’s purpose economy, the new Benefit Corporations.  Be inspired to take your LLC, sole proprietorship or corporation to the next level of accountability and accomplishment to create a better world. 

September 18 Pre Conference Workshops

9-11:30 a.m.        Purpose Economy Leadership Workshop

Get an advance peek at a brand new program to empower sustainability professionals to advance the triple bottom line of their organization.  What are the components of a cutting edge comprehensive sustainability program?  How does your organization stack up?  What are key handles to move an organization’s culture?  What are some practical tools to boost social and environmental impact in your business now?
-        Brian Behle, Adjacent Consulting
–        Emily Capito, Impact Leaders Academy
–        Bill Wilson, Sustain3
–        Greg Schlegel, ETC Group
–        Hande Togrul, Inclusion Center
–        Steve Klass, P3 Utah

12:00 p.m.           GreenX Profitability Team Exchange Lunch

How can a focus on workplace wellness ignite your entire sustainability program?  What are other employers doing about wellness?  What are the tools to connect wellness to profits?  Meet your peers, get inspired, make it happen!
–        Brennan Loyola, University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics
–        Brooke Kirk, University of Utah Health Sciences Center

2-4:30 p.m.        Responsible Purchasing:  Managing the 21st Century Supply Chain

Even with a local conscience, many businesses reach further than ever to produce products and services.  How can we be part of the solution rather than the problem in poorer economies?  What are the resources to become familiar with to do a good job?  How can smaller organizations cover all the key bases?  How can we take the momentum of progress in procurement through production and distribution?

Join P3 Utah to save $100 on every two-day attendee from your business!
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