History and Development

P3 Utah is led by a group of business owners and professionals working as volunteers to provide a focal point to raise the tide of local interest in fostering the triple bottom line business value system in Utah.  The group convened as members of Net Impact Utah, a professional chapter of the global organization:  Net Impact. This chapter started out as Net Impact Salt Lake in November 2006.  Net Impact is primarily a university-based student chapter network, with memberships for individuals and focuses on the advancement of business sustainability careers for its members.

Through the experience of providing an expanding and more challenging set of services to Utah business community, a group was formed to set up a completely independent, locally responsive organization with the ability to tap multiple revenue streams and participate fully in the local community of independent nonprofit organizations.  This new is focused on business practice and the engagement of businesses as its core constituency.  An independent, professionally staffed organization is being developed to provide a strong focal point and voice to upgrade supportive infrastructure for business sustainability, including promotion of standards and advocacy for public policy.

Net Impact Utah continues to function as a support to the development of college student Net Impact chapters and the connection of those chapters to real world business sustainability challenges.  Net Impact Utah and P3 Utah co-sponsor each others events where appropriate.

Milestones in the Development of Net Impact Utah and P3 Utah

2006 – Co-hosted first event, a panel on business ethics with the U. of U business school.

2008 – Flew in Jackie DeCarlo from D.C. to address full Westminster auditorium on fair trade.  Led one the first public tours of Spanish Fork wind farm with 75 in attendance.

2010 – Mentored Westminster student teams on Backcountry.com inbound waste challenge.

2011 – Facilitated significant diverse input to Salt Lake Mayor’s sustainability ordinance package, produced the first Utah Business Sustainability Conference in downtown Salt Lake City

2013 – Net Impact Utah hosts a panel featuring global leaders of companies who are certified B Corps. P3 Utah is incorporated as a state nonprofit corporation and begins application for 501( c)(3). P3 Utah features sustainability leader George Bandy, VP for Interface, at its third Conference.

2014 – P3 Utah sponsors its first state policy initiative, the establishment of benefit corporations as a new form of business, and establishes a designated business sustainability focus edition of The Enterprise, Utah’s weekly printed business journal.