Philosophy, Values and Guiding Principles


Now that there are seven billion people striving to create a fair exchange of value in a single, global marketplace, business is the most powerful force at work on our planet today.  Not only does commerce collectively deploy the majority of financial, natural, and human capital, but most of most adult’s waking hours and creative energy are devoted to generate sufficient economic value to sustain themselves and their family.

We who own and manage businesses have an obligation to use the power of commerce constructively, to leave the world better than we found it. We see business as a positive force that can provide opportunities for human expression, make communities more viable and maintain an ecology that supports all life.  We are grateful that we live in a society that values and encourages success in commerce and we are committed to using this freedom and support to learn how to create as much public benefit as we can through the operation of our enterprises.

At P3 Utah, we are working toward maximizing the positive impact of business in our community.  It is a reasonable and common sense approach to commerce.  Join us and learn how to leverage your values to create a stronger triple bottom line for your enterprises that better benefits your company, all of your stakeholders and the world we live in.


  • All members are equal with unlimited potential to produce positive change
  • Members actively recruited to attain significant diversity in all conceivable dimensions
  • We believe strength comes from diversity
  • Business development between members is encouraged
  • Respect and equal treatment of all industries and economic sectors
  • Welcoming to all community sustainability partners

Guiding Principles

  • Strive to deliver highest quality services possible to members
  • Seek greatest beneficial outcomes for community through business:  KEEP LEARNING
  • Seek opportunities to make triple bottom line values the new definition of good business
  • Continue to seek, develop and take advantage of opportunities to advance member networking