Amazing US Synthetic Tour Feb 17

By Steve Klass, Executive Director, P3 Utah

US Synthetic Front Door

US Synthetic Front Door

FREE TOUR of US Synthetic: one of Utah’s leading manufacturers
February 17, 1 to 3:30 p.m.

Co-Hosted by P3 Utah and Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce

Did you think, other than Mother Nature, only Superman can create a diamond in just a few moments with 1,000,000 pounds of pressure?As a triple bottom line sustainability leader in your company, we can pretty much guess one of your New Year’s resolutions: to learn from the best and advance your efforts. The Co-Hosts of this event want to help you with this resolution by offering an incredible opportunity to tour and visit with key staff at US Synthetic. One of Utah’s business sustainability secrets is the number of truly amazing companies operate in Utah County. We guarantee that a visit to US Synthetic is one of the best ways to accelerate your company’s sustainability achievement in 2015.

Why Do YOU Want to VIsit US Synthetic?

– Employee-led continuous process improvement culture
– Winner of the Utah Work Life Award
– Winner of prestigious Shingo Prize for operational excellence
– Supporter of statewide advancement of STEM skills and content in public schools
– Leading corporate philanthropic program in Kenya
– Onsite health clinic, fitness center and gourmet food service
– World’s largest annual production of artificial diamonds

Core of "Superman" diamond pressing process

Core of ‘Superman’ diamond pressing process

There is so much more. Staff at US Synthetic are willing to share their philosophy and strategy for success and answer many questions. They want to learn about YOUR company’s strengths. They are truly learning leaders as well as teachers in how to build and manage a great company over time.


*Sign up today and attend FOR FREE, saving your company $250*. That’s right, operations are so active that the firm normally charges $250 for outside company representatives to interrupt production and tour the facility. In support of the expansion of membership in both Utah Valley Chamber and P3 Utah, participation in this keystone educational event is FREE to members of our two organizations AND all who are considering joining these two fine organizations.