Utah-Based Sustainability Leader: A Global Coach

By: Brittney Devey

BD is a medical supply company that has a facility here in Sandy, UT.  The Global Director of Sustainability and High Risk is Mr. Travis Anderton. BD is the largest medical supply company in the world and has facilities all over the globe. With sustainability already being a daunting goal for the average person, the Global Director of Sustainability and High Risk has one of the most challenging jobs trying to implement that goal in the many facilities that BD has established.

Mr. Anderton first started at BD as a plant safety engineer. Not too long after joining the company he was asked to manage environmental programs for the company, one being the ISO 14001. The ISO 14001 program allowed him to evaluate the facility’s performance and make corrections as needed. Anderton realized that implementing actions that improved environmental factors also helped him to “reduce business risk and to improve the bottom line”.

After two years of showing BD how well he could improve the facility’s efficiency, Anderton was promoted to Facilities Engineer/EHS Manager. In his new position, he was able to take his previous experience and integrate environmental programs into all areas of the facility such as maintenance, project delivery, and operations.  BD’s Sandy facility started evolving into a more efficient and less wasteful enterprise as other environmental activities became more popular,  and were easily integrated into the ISO 14001 program. These changes went from the Sandy facility business level to the BD corporate level and are now used on a global scale for the entire company.

The Global Director of Sustainability and High Risk’s job is an important and diverse one where no two days are the same. Mr. Travis Anderton describes his role best as, “The most basic role I play is governance and compliance. Specifically environmental compliance and loss prevention. Beyond that it is standardizing best practices throughout the company.” The Global Director works with teams around energy and water conservation and waste reduction. To do this, he must also dedicate a portion of his time to researching new strategies and technologies, as well as talking to workers within the facilities to see where practices can be altered and improved. Anderton says that sharing these best practices with his peers is one of the most rewarding parts of his job.

To date, the BD Sandy Utah facility has completed over 50 energy related projects that have saved them over $650,000 a year, some due to their partnership with Rocky Mountain Power and their Blue Sky program, as well as the building of relationships with other companies and groups trying to reduce waste and become energy and water efficient. They have finalized a sustainability report for the year 2013 that will be published prior to June 2014. BD has also been developing a sustainability plan for 2020 that will be published at the start of their fiscal year 2015 (October 2014).


Brittney Ann Devey is a 2014 University of Utah graduate who majored in environmental studies.  She is interviewing Utah business sustainability leaders as an intern with P3 Utah.