Utah Community Service by US Synthetic

By Troy Holmberg, US Synthetic and Steve Klass, P3 Utah

School problem solving workshop, core STEM skills

Innovation is at the core of the company’s success and an incredible 74% of their total revenue comes from products developed less than three years ago.   As a technology company, employees take pride in their problem-solving culture and rapid prototyping processes for product development that have allowed US Synthetic to become the global leader in their industry. They made 32,000 improvements last year, making their continuous improvement culture a magnet for businesses globally and giving rise to impressive problem-solving workshops shared with kids right here in Utah!

US Synthetic Problem SolvingThe vision driving the company’s Engineering Good program is to build the next generation of problem-solvers and innovators through STEM education with Utah kids. The company supports support such initiatives as the Utah Underwater Robotics; the Utah STEM Fest; the STEM Investor’s Coalition and Media Campaign; the Museum of Natural Curiosity and Makers Lab at Thanksgiving Point; the new building at BYU School of Engineering and Technology; Discovery Space Center’s USS Mobile Space Simulator; JA City; USS STEM Scholarships; USS STEM Kids Camps and events such as She Tech and Expand Your Horizons at UVU.

400 employees participate each year in the Day of Caring with the United Way teaching problem solving to 1500 kids in Utah County and raising $20,000 per year for the Utah Food Bank through our annual October Hunger Games. Our USServe Challenge encourages teams of US Synthetic employees to compete for service hours as teams with local schools throughout the year.

Beyond STEM, US Synthetic employees are deeply engaged in improving lives in our community, donating 3400 hours of service each year in Utah and donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to community organizations.  Awards include Volunteer of the Year Award from Habitat for Humanity 2014.

Provo school district kids visiting a production area.  Now YOU can visit TOO.  Join us February 12!
Provo school kids visiting a production team. Now YOU can visit too. Join us February 17!
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