When A Challenging Rescue is Needed, I hope Petzl can Be There!

By Steve Klass, Executive Director, P3 Utah

Help, I'm stuck!

Help, I’m stuck!  Why did I post this on Facebook?  [NOT this blog post author or taken on island of Reunion]

I am not an emergency responder, I have never played one on TV, and, I don’t own any PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) but maybe I should(?). In fact, I could hardly pull myself up a rope even if I fell in a little hole. However, all of us humans live in a challenging world, chock full of gravity. Sometimes we need to work against gravity (even though it is a law!) to get up or down or out: our life may depend on our ability to do this. It makes sense that the words “grave” and “gravity” come from the same Latin root, as the extreme consequences of gravity certainly are grave!

At its core, Petzl makes reliable equipment for rescue professionals: top of the line. If anybody you or I care about ever needs serious help getting up or down safely, I hope that a team of highly skilled and dedicated rescue professionals with Petzl gear can get there in time. As is easy to see, Petzl equipment is made to be relied upon by the very best people doing very hard things for people to do.  Don’t take my word for it. Check out the story of the Peloton de Gendarmerie de Haute Montagne (PGHM) mountain rescue unit on the island of Reunion.

Rescue team, courtesy of PGHM Reunion and Petzl North America

Rescue team, courtesy of PGHM Reunion and Petzl

So, maybe you heard that Petzl makes cool gear for civilians too, recreational climbers. Maybe YOU own and rely on some Petzl equipment. But did you know that Petzl is one of Utah’s leading triple bottom line businesses and that their North American Headquarters is right here in the heart of the Wasatch Front, right off of Trax in West Valley City, Utah?

Come and learn about a community leading company we can all be proud of. Join us April 23 to tour their Platinum LEED building and hear about their workplace and conservation practices and local and global philanthropy.

Petzl North America Headquarters Tour
April 23, 2015  2 – 3:30 p.m.
2929 Decker Lake Drive, West Valley City, UT 84119
RIght off Trax!