Why I Joined the Board of P3 Utah

By  Smokey Peck, Co-Owner and President of the Pro Group Recycling Services

I believe that growing this organization will help grow my businesses.  I want to do business with other businesses that share my values, that do business with integrity.  I was recently involved as a student to the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small business program.  I did that to share and grow my values about how to do business right.  The larger we can grow P3 Utah, the more businesses in Utah will grow in a better manner.  As a recycling broker and equipment supplier in nine states, I see our business as problem solvers.  And I think that is what P3 Utah is about: helping business owners meet their challenges in improving their triple bottom line.

You might think because we work so much with physical materials, that we only understand and care about the environment side of things.  Actually, when it comes to serving customers, it is the people, not the “plastics” that have the problems.  So we care about making people’s lives and the communities they live in, better.  That is a social mindset I think.  I have been in business for over three decades and I all good business leaders care about people.

Inside our company, we care about our employees.  They are the ones who lives we touch every day and they are the ones touching the lives of customers out in the community.  We want employees to enjoy their work and grow in this important industry.  The more they can grow, the more good they can do.  This helping customers, community and employees, is what rewards myself and Jeff Cox, the co-owner of Pro Group Recycling Services about being in business.

So I encourage your business to join P3 Utah.  Help us grow the purpose economy of Utah.  Let’s cooperate in gathering together the businesses that share our values.  Let’s work to make all of those good businesses grow and be able to do more together.  That’s what I want to do and that’s why I’m here.